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A better balance

At l’eaume we love balance. And thanks to our premium CBD oil, we have found a way to a better balance. Our CBD oil is grown and harvested in Sweden, all natural and 100% vegan, which adds to a better feeling.

Balance is bliss. It helps us sleep better. Think kinder. Feel fresher. Say “WOW” more. We start to see the positives more and more. And more. Not to mention more smiles, all through the day. A better balance is our trinity, our mantra, the bird that sings a sweet song outside our window!

We’ve learnt that balance and wellbeing are connected. By consciously looking into ways of improving well-being we have discovered that balance lies in the roots. It guides us. And what an amazing guide. It’s behind the scenes, balancing our lives. The way we feel, our mood, mind and body, work and free-time.

Some say miracle, but we feel more rooted in our philosophy. We embrace the science behind CBD. Our bodies are made up of an endocannabinoid system (nerve system), a natural part of our body, and CBD has the power to help awaken it, so we can feel a better balance. Find connections. It’s a journey we can all enjoy. And at L’eaume we want to make the journey possible. A journey to a better well-being, a better balance, and a way to enjoy this beautiful world, better!