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  • leaume_a-better-balance

    A better balance

    At l’eaume we love balance. And thanks to our premium CBD oil, we have found a way to a better balance. Our CBD oil is grown and harvested in Sweden, all natural and 100% vegan, which adds to a better feeling.

    Balance is bliss. It helps us sleep better. Think kinder. Feel fresher. Say “WOW” more. We start to see the positives more and more. And more. Not to mention more smiles, all through the day. A better balance is our trinity, our mantra, the bird that sings a sweet song outside our window!

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  • leaume_grown-and-harvested-in-sweden

    Grown and harvested in Sweden

    With Sweden’s green forests and peaceful lakes, people living here have a close connection to nature. And at l’eaume we’re the same. We want our CBD oil to start its journey in a beautiful environment and finish in one too, in a tincture, between your fingers, ready to make you smile. 

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  • leaume_third-party-lab-tested

    Third party tested

    At l’eaume we vow to honour the science behind CBD oil by providing a premium, broad spectrum CBD oil that only contains balancing ingredients.


    That means no THC. It simply doesn’t fit into our philosophy. And we made sure, using third party tests, that our CBD products have 0,0% THC, meaning you can enjoy a better balance with a clear conscience.

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