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Third party tested

At l’eaume we vow to honour the science behind CBD oil by providing a premium, broad spectrum CBD oil that only contains balancing ingredients. That means no THC. It simply doesn’t fit into our philosophy. And we made sure, using third party tests, that our CBD products have 0,0% THC, meaning you can enjoy a better balance with a clear conscience.

The third party-test
When a CBD product has been third party-tested, it means that there is proof that the product is trustworthy and the ingredients are true to their word. When you pick up a bottle of l’eaume, the information written on the side is 100% reliable. In case you weren’t sure, third party-testing is not a requirement for CBD producers, so it’s better to check for proof if you are just starting out in your CBD journey.

THC is a psychoactive compound found in cannabis. It is natural, but for a better balance, it’s better not to use it. We want you to enjoy a better balance, and for this to happen, we had to remove any trace of THC from our CBD oil. It’s all gone. Leaving you to experience only the most caring, natural ingredients. We’ve taken care of it.

Our third party test approved CBD oils can let you enjoy a better CBD journey which means a better balance.

Read the LAB report here.