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Grown and harvested in Sweden

With Sweden’s green forests and peaceful lakes, people living here have a close connection to nature. And at l’eaume we’re the same. We want our CBD oil to start its journey in a beautiful environment and finish in one too, in a tincture, between your fingers, ready to make you smile. 

Our CBD oil is special. You are special. And the fields where we harvest our plants are…you guessed it, special. It’s a beautiful view. A quiet field of tall green leaves blowing softly in the wind, waiting to bring balance. At l’eaume we feel humbled that our CBD oil comes from a place that we can proudly call home. 

All natural
Being truly grateful for all things natural made it easy for us to have our CBD oil approved by third party testing (which we are glad to say we passed with flying colours). With l’eaume, you buy CBD oil products that are setting a new standard in both CBD and well-being.

We thank nature. The more natural the CBD oil, the more you can enjoy a better balance. Nature is our planet’s greatest balancing act. And we want to honour it with a selection of premium, all natural, vegan products for you to use in a variety of ways, everyday, wherever you are.

Conscious, from the seed to the smiles.